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Do you need to produce something for your client? Let us help you develop the concept. Then we’ll write, cast, shoot, edit, mix and unleash it on the universe. Why not have one line of communication with a group of driven and creative artists supporting your needs and goals? Big or small, we’re able to turn around a project quickly and professionally, within a budget that works for you. Let’s think outside the box together. And create something unique, bold and daring.

Our Team

Gregory Abbey Creator/Director/Writer
Gregory grew up moving around the country as part of an Air Force family but spent most of his childhood in the midwest. That makes him highly skilled at forced politeness and backyard soccer. In 2012, he created the web series Marriage and Other Tragedies, which led to him being hired to develop and create branded content for numerous companies. He directs, writes and edits all content for Cape Crystal Productions. Additionally, Gregory has been an actor for over 25 years, appearing in numerous television shows (The Good Wife, The Americans, Boardwalk Empire, Elementary), as well as hundreds of national commercials and voice-overs. http://www.gregoryabbey.com
Katherine Castro Director of Photography

Selected for the first AFI Cinematography Intensive for Women in Los Angeles, Katherine is a NYC based Cinematographer. After studying architecture and photography while living in the Dominican Republic, Katherine returned to Boston in 2008 where she began working in film and TV as a Local 600 Camera Assistant. Applying her design and photography background along with the invaluable lessons she has acquired over the years working in production, Katherine brings a unique style and viewpoint to her cinematography. Her work spans narrative, music video & documentary and has recently been screened in film festivals such as Indy Film Fest, Woods Hole Film Festival & Asian American International Film Festival in NYC.

Mike Rossetti Director of Photography

Mike Rossetti is an accomplished cinematographer who has filmed an incredible variety of pieces, from no-budget passion projects to commercials for top brands, and everything in between. He received an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he focused on cinematography. After finishing school he worked his way up from the grip & electric department where he gaffed a number of successful films for some of today’s top DPs. Prior to his film career he worked as a ranch hand, a special-education volunteer and a soft-serve ice cream vendor. When he’s not working he enjoys camping, still photography and playing with his infant son – preferably all at the same time.

Christopher Camp Director of Photography

Formerly from Audible, Amazon, and MLB.tv, Christopher is a Grammy-winning audio editor and has shot award-winning films. He has worked with Woody Allen, Kate Winslet and Thandie Newton among many others. He is a cinematographer, designer and audiophile who is passionate about motion and UI design.

Sumeet Bharati CMO
Sumeet comes from a background in marketing and advertising, and worked for the nation’s longest-running full-service live entertainment advertising agency. She has managed accounts such as The Book of Mormon on Broadway and The Phantom of the Opera, and prides herself on her ability to connect with the audience and create a voice for a brand.
Anthony Salerno Director

Anthony is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Argyle Films LLC with over 20 years of professional production experience, from industrials and live events to broadcast cartoons and short films. In addition to filling the position of Assistant Director with Cape Crystal Productions, Anthony is also the Senior Video Producer for UBM Americas, the leading events corporation in the U.S.

Mike Knoblauch Sound Engineer

In addition to running the audio division of Cape Crystal Productions, Michael has also been the Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer for 4K Media, Inc., in New York City. Working as a sound engineer for the past 15 years, Mike has gained experience and developed the skills to handle multiple formats: music, film, television and internet. For attention to detail and creative thinking in the realm of sound, there is no one better.

Greg Mailloux Sound

A Massachusetts native, Greg has had an obsession with sound from a young age, experimenting with music, radio and theatrical sound engineering. He moved from Boston to New York to pursue a career in film, and has now been a professional sound mixer for over six years. His work encompasses a mixture of documentary (Breaking A Monster, Amy), web series (F to 7th, The Slope, The Show About The Show), commercials, industrial videos and narrative film (The Foxy Merkins, Towheads, MA). In his free time, Greg produces the interview-based podcast, Manner of Speaking.

Serena Apostal Graphic Designer

Serena began her career at the ripe age of 4 with a box of crayons and a big wall. After receiving a BFA in illustration, she drew her way into graphic design and photography. With strong knowledge about corporate branding and ad agency creativity — plus knowing that crayons from the 70s never come off walls — she is a dynamic and creative fireball.

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